Monday, August 6, 2012

What I Think About at Night

I always think of the BEST blog posts as I'm laying in bed going to sleep.  I should keep a notebook on my nightstand.  I really have had so much on my mind.  So here's my mind puking all over this entry.  Ready?  Here's what this girl thinks about at night.

My Parents...I miss them so badly!  I hesitate even posting that but it's the truth.  I am so happy for them and know that they are doing the right thing but it's still hard.  My mom got sick and it was so hard not to be able to talk to her.  I mean, I can but with them living in Mexico it's hard.  I do love reading about all their adventures as they serve as Mission Presidents.

Books...I just read a book called "Always Something There to Remind Me".  It's about first love.  I have one.  Do you?  We never forget our first true love do we?  I'd love to know what he is doing.  I'd love to know how his life has turned out.  Stalkerish, I know.  Am I the only one who ever wonders if they've even googled you?  

Church...I struggle here.  I always have.  Faith is hard for me.  

Friends...I miss my BFF!  I'm a 37 year old girl who just said BFF.  But she is and she knows who she is.  We've been friends for years!  And man we've had some crazy, fun times (Mexican music anyone?)!  I'll never forget the fun we had in the bathroom of a restaurant or movie theater one night!  We pretended to be strangers who hadn't seen each other in a very, very long time.  I asked her how prison was! And the look on the stranger's face who came out of the stall to wash her hands was priceless.  Why does life get so busy and chaotic that we can't see each other every day? 

Chick-Fil-A...Seriously.  Ok maybe not that specifically but I think about gay people and their rights.  I don't understand why a person just can't have the right to their own personal beliefs/opinions without hate being involved.  If a person doesn't agree with same sex marriage it's OK!!  That doesn't mean that they hate anyone.  It just makes me mad that some will hate anyone who doesn't believe in that lifestyle or agree with it.  I believe in loving others no matter what.  I wish more people felt that same way.  Oh and BTW...I will always be a loyal customer because their food is delicious!!

Laundry...I think of the piles of it sitting in the hallway just begging to be washed!  Wash yourselves!  

Running...I totally picture me running and running and running.  That's as far as it goes, a picture in my head.  For the love just get up and get going already woman!

Being Enough...How am I measuring up?  Am I trying a little harder everyday to be a better person?  Am I loving others more?  I hope so. 

5 on Friday...I constantly think about how I don't post on a regular basis.  Seriously.  I read back over my entries for the last little while and I kicked myself for not updating them on a regular basis.  Shame on me!  I love looking back and reading about what happened each week.  

My Family...All of them.  I am in love with my little family!  I love The Hubs and my cute kids!  I miss my brother and my sisters.  I wish we all lived closer.  

The list really does go on and on and on and on.  I think about my friends.  I wonder how they are doing.  I miss singing.  I miss my piano.  I worry about Carter's tummy.  

Do you think that inventors will come up with a switch for the brain to turn it off?  Man, I hope so!  I could really use a good night's rest!


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