Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why We Are Moving

There have been a hand full of people asking me why we are moving.  Especially since we are staying so close.  We have lived in our current house for 3 1/2 years and it's falling apart.  The landlords have also made promise after promise to fix things but haven't.  Here's why we are moving...
 This summer our roof and swamp cooler started leaking.  It leaked onto the ceiling in our bedroom.  They came to "fix" it.  They have left it this way ever since.  The roof never got fixed properly.  We had a rain storm a few weeks ago and we laid in bed and listened to the drips hit the ceiling again.  There is also NO insulation.
 This is the plug in the hallway upstairs.  You can't use it because it's so loose.  It also has never had a cover.
 Our front door has NEVER been able to close on it's own.  You have to lock the door in order for it to stay shut.  They've known about this since we moved in and it's still not fixed.
 This is the back door.  It doesn't lock.  
 We have to use a broken broom handle to "lock" the back door.
 This is also something that they told us they'd fix when we moved in.  Obviously there had been a leak.  It's been this way since day 1.

 They promised to put in our backyard.  For over 3 years we have waited.  It's become a dumping ground for them.  
 Notice the dishwasher line there?  For over a year we hand washed our dishes because they refused to get us a new one.  I finally bought one from the neighbor.  One of our landlords actually showed up to help install it.  He threw the old line on the side of our house.
 We have fruit trees in the backyard.  They are SO overgrown.  In the fall one of the landords came over and "trimmed" the trees so they wouldn't hit the roof anymore.  This is what he left.  
This is the bottom of our front door.  Notice the large gap?  We do too.  It's COLD here in the winter.  They've refused to fix this too.  I have to lay a coat along the bottom of the door at night so we don't freeze to death.

There are more things wrong with this house.  There's a crack in the master bedroom window that has been here since day one.  They promised to fix that too.

Do you blame us for moving?

Let me now tell you about our new house.  It has central air!  It has appliances that are just a little over a year old.  There are hard wood floors.  The floors don't creak!  There's insulation.  There's an alarm system.  The backyard fence isn't falling apart.  Ours now is being held up by rusty metal poles.  

I am more than excited to get out of this house and into a MUCH nicer one.  Thank you very much.....


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh if I were you I would be moving too! & I would be so ticked off that my landlords never came and fixed anything! Can't wait to hear about your new house!

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