Friday, February 22, 2013

5 on Friday

I hope you are sitting down because if you aren't you probably just fell over from the shock of an actual 5 of Friday post!  That's's back!

Top 5...

1.  We have a new dog.  Ok, technically we got him 2 weeks ago so it didn't happen this week.  But he's great.  We found him for free on our local classified section.  His previous owner said he'll be 2 next month but she kind of lied to us.  Based on his teeth and his behavior we think he's around 6-9 months old.  He's a Cocker Spaniel mix.

2.  I deleted the facebook app off of my phone.  I need a break.  Let's see how long I can stay off, right?

3.  The Hubs did the taxes and we will have enough to buy a car.  It won't be anything fancy but it will actually have enough seat belts for all of us.  That will be a new experience.

4.  I was asked to be the PTA president for the local Jr. High next year and I said yes.  Should this be on the bottom list?  I'm pretty excited about it.

5.  I got to "Skype" with my parents who are serving as mission presidents in Mexico right now.  I miss them oodles.

Bottom 5...

1.  Our only vehicle is officially dead.  Life just got a whole lot interesting.  Hurry up taxes and get here!

2.  As I'm typing this I'm now realizing everything I have to do but can not do because we don't have a freaking car!  I can't even go to the store.

3.  I think parent/teacher conferences are a complete waste of time.  I had them scheduled for last night but couldn't make it because of the stupid car issue.  Today I was talking to my son's teacher and explained the situation.  She said we could do it later and that it would just be a bragging session anyway.  My other kid is another story.  He got his phone taken away until further notice because of his grades.

4.  I don't even have a bike that I can ride to the store!  Do you see a bitter pattern here?  This blows!

5.  I know that people don't mean to hurt other people's feelings on facebook but it happens all the time.  I do not need the constant reminder that I am po po po poor.  I have got to stop being so bitter!  Maybe I should start standing on a corner with a sign or something.

Love to you all!


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