Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ryan Innes

On Thursday my daughter and I drove up to Nibley, UT to help a good friend with the local Ryan Innes concert.  He's the singer who is from Utah and rocked it on The Voice.  His voice is AMAZING!!  We've been fans of his for a long time now!  Our job was to set up the band's dinner.  So fun!! 
My daughter was so excited to meet him.  He shook her hand and I think she might have instantly fallen in love!  She didn't want to wash it.  So cute!
Have I mentioned how amazing his voice is?  He can definitely melt my butter.  You have to hear the song to understand.  He put on an amazing show!  
My friend had the cutest vintage dishes we set the table with.  They loved the food and we loved them!  I just thought it was so nice of him to perform in a little town in Cache Valley, UT.  I'm pretty sure he'll win a Grammy soon!