Monday, January 28, 2008

Broken Wrist

Addison broke her wrist today! I still can't believe it. The school called me and said that she had slipped on some ice and that her wrist hurt. I left work and took her to the ER. It wasn't very swollen so I thought that maybe she had just sprained it. Nope! I was wrong. So the gave her a temp cast and I have to see a bone doctor on Thursday so she can have her permanant cast put on. She already knows she wants a pink one! I told her that she could bring a sharpie to school so her friends can sign it. She was pretty happy about that. Out of all my kids she's definately not the one I thought would break a bone first!


Alynda said...

I would have put my money on Ian being the first to break something. It is really cool that she will get a pink cast. I'm glad she's not in too much pain. Give her a kiss from Ma.

cori said...

oh tami. your poor little girl. i broke my arm out in front of the grunbergs. my mom was out of town. i still remember the trauma of not having her around. whatever happened to the grunbergs?

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