Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

I didn't know that President Hinckley had passed away until I read my sister's blog this morning. As I was driving to work I noticed that some flags were at half staff and I didn't know why. I know this might sound strange but I am where I am today because of President Hinckley's testimony, love and example. I have struggled on and off for years with my testimony of the church. And for a long time I leaned on his testimony and love of this gospel. Sometimes his talks and articles that he wrote were the only thing that kept me from giving up all together. Most of you probably don't know that. I always thought what I would do when he passed away because then he wouldn't be there anymore but because of him I prayed and learned for myself that the church is true and he was a true and living prophet. I will miss him dearly. Thank you President Hinckley for all you've done for the world.


The Hale Family said...

What an incredible tribute to President Hinckley. I am going to miss him so much too.

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