Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Steve tagged me. I'm supposed to list 8 random facts about myself. I'm not tagging anyone though.

So...here it goes.

1. I LOVE cold bananas. I know you aren't supposed to store them in the fridge so I buy a couple on my way to work and stash them in the fridge there. Those are my snacks.

2. I would love to sing in front of the American Idol judges. I'd love to know what they really thought about my singing. Stupid huh? Simon loves me when I play American Idol on Playstation! :)

3. My dream job would be a life flight nurse.

4. When I was 14 I bought a whole bunch of Bridal magazines and had all the sample invitations come. I think I had like 50 come. Remember that mom? It was awesome! I had so much fun with that.

5. My sisters and I used to be friends with Brandi Chastain's brother. She's the one who scored that soccer goal then ripped her shirt off. He got me fired from a sporting goods store. Yea...good times. NOT!

6. I LOVE reality TV. I can't get enough of it. Right now it's all about The Bachlorette, The Mole, Hell's Kitchen and The Next Food Network Star. I can't wait for Everest and Deadliest Catch to start again.

7. I LOVE to jump on our trampoline. And I don't care what the neighbors say or think! :)

8. I want to write a book. I know what I want to write about and I think it would be awesome to do. I just have to decide when and how to do it. And I love to read. I have 2 favorite authors and I've read every book they've ever written. They are Nicholas Sparks and Stephenie Meyer.


Alynda said...

YES I remember all of the invitations!

Gunter of the Hill People said...

I never knew that about the cold bananas. Interesting.

Shafferprincess said...

Carter's shirt - we have that same one for Gavin, and it's so true. He NEVER stops!!! Which makes us REALLY tired. :)

And, you look amazing! Nose ring and all! I wish we lived closer - the boys have asked about Ian and they miss him.

I love cold bananas, too, but can eat them either way. :)


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