Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poor Carter

It was a week ago today that this happened. Carter was at his babysitter's house and Addison had made Ramen noodles. She poured the extra broth in a cup and set it by the sink. Carter is tall enough now to grab things off the counter and grabbed the cup of broth. It spilled on his arm and burned him. The burn goes almost all the way around his arm. Poor thing! I got a call at work from the hospital asking permission to treat him. They told me that he had pulled a pot of boiling water on him from the stove! I freaked out (imagining the worst) and RAN out of work and drove as fast as I could to the hospital. We were lucky that it wasn't boiling and he did NOT pull it off the stove. He is a little trooper. The bandages are off now so it can dry out and heal. He'll probably have a nice scar for a while. His daycare provider and Addison both felt so badly! It broke my heart. I blame NOBODY! I know that it was simply an accident. Addison felt so bad so when I was at Walmart getting his Rx filled I bought her a Hannah Montana art kit. That made everything better! She's so cute and has the biggest heart! Accidents happen.


Ryan & Melanie said...

Poor little guy. I would have totally freaked out too.

Shafferprincess said...

Oh, how sad! Poor guy! And poor Addison for having to watch it. I'm sure everyone will be all better soon, though! :)


The Hale Family said...

Holy cow...that looks so bad!

Aaron & Erin (Livy) said...

That looks teribble! Poor little guy. At least it happened while he's young so he wont remember it, and hold it against you when he's older. Hee hee, jk. We are glad it's not worse.

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