Saturday, November 22, 2008


Addison and I went and saw Twilight yesterday. We met Tiffany, Kylie and Sue at The District. If you've never been there to watch a movie before it's so worth the drive! It's such an awesome place to see a movie. Someone asked me why I would spend the money to "ruin the book". What??? She compared it to the Harry Potter movies/books. Ummm ok...I didn't know that they were even comparable? I am not a Harry Potter fan so I don't know what she's talking about.'s my little review.

I LOVED it! Of course they couldn't put everything from the book into a 2 hour movie but it was so good. I honestly wasn't sure if I would like the actors playing Edward and Bella but, whoa, talk about chemistry. I even had butterflies in my stomach. They were awesome. All of the acting was amazing. It wasn't cheesy like this post!! I LOVED who they cast as Jacob. He's adorable.

When I originally read book one I didn't like Bella. I didn't like how clumsy she was but after seeing the movie I like her and that made me want to re-read all the books again immediately! I hope that we won't have to wait too much longer for book 5 to come out. And I can't wait for the 2nd movie to be released! Stephenie it REALLY fair that you make us wait a whole year for another movie? Just kidding. Oh yea...and make the next movie longer! I would've totally sat through another hour of Twilight easily!!


Michelle said...

I saw it today (Saturday). I loved it too. It so didn't feel like a 3 hour movie. I wasn't ready for it to end. I'm not liking who they cast for Carlisle. I'm not sure who I expected, but he just doesn't do it. And his make up - not good at all. I am so ready to see it again and for the next movie.

The Evans Family said...

same here - I LOVED it - saw it twice! can't wait to see it again :) (And Chad actually liked it, too!)

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