Sunday, January 11, 2009

Only 1 Point?? Seriously??

I had to go to the store today to get some cold medicine for Steve. I know that's all I should've bought but they had a huge display of these WW snack cakes. I couldn't resist. I mean I was at the store anyway right? Don't know you've done it too! I'm soooo kidding. Anyways...I HAD to post this right away!! THESE ARE SOOOO GOOD!!! I bought Carrot Cake and these Vanilla Cream thingys. One of my new fav places in Rexburg to go when we are up there is a cute little cupcake shop. They have this Madagasgar Vanilla cupcake that is to die for! These tasted like them and at 1 point each I don't have to feel guilty about them at all! The Carrot Cake ones were really good too! Don't expect much size wise! But I totally felt satisfied after eating 2 of them! Go try them! They are really good!


Heidi said...

Hope you are doing well.. I miss hearing from you each day.. Let me know when your cell phone works again.... so I can text you Liddiard gossip... Actually you probably dont need any part of that stuff.. I willbe good and only text stuff that will bring a smile to your face!!! Take care... Miss you at work!

Michelle said...

They really are yummy! I have to be careful not to eat the whole box.

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