Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NOT the nail polish!!

Carter loves to pull chairs up to the counters and get in the cupboards. I've never cared too much because he's never gotten into anything he shouldn't until now! On Mother's day he watched the girls paint their nails. Well I guess that peaked his curiosity. He found red nail polish and painted his toes and fingernails all by himself. I don't know where I was. I think I was putting laundry away. Addison tried to clean it up with a rag and water! Sweet thing. I didn't get mad. I laughed so hard!! It was hilarious. Carter was so proud of himself. He even commented how "beautiful" they were. Now when I hear a chair sliding accross the floor I run!


Aaron & Erin said...

Classic. Those will become blackmail pictures in the future.

Aubrey Garff said...

you are so great. I don't know how you don't get mad. I just don't find things funny anymore. I think it's because things like this are an everyday thing at my house.

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