Friday, May 22, 2009

Surgery Update

We met with Carter's surgeon on Wed. Can I just tell you that it was a LONG day!! We met with the doctor at 10. He said that he wanted a contrast enema done to determine if Carter's bowels had shrunk enough for the pull-through surgery. They told me that I could come back at 1:45 for the procedure. We went and hung out with Tiffany and then headed back up there. Carter was NOT happy about this. They ended up doing the enema through his rectum. I was a little confused by this but hey they are the experts right? Carter had to be strapped to a board and everything. It was terrible. After the test we headed up to the doctor's office so he could look at the results. He came in and said that there was some sort of misunderstanding and that the contrast enema should've been done through his stoma. WHAT??? I was NOT happy. Come on...they should have totally known better. I told the nurse that Carter should get extra treats for this! The second time was so much better. I talked to Carter and told him that it wouldn't hurt at all! He trusted me and it wasn't bad. So after the 2nd time we headed back up and found out that it looks great! So we scheduled his surgery. It's scheduled for June 15th. I am happy that there's an end to the whole bag thing! Now I'll be able to potty train!!


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