Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Playing in the rain

Carter had fun splashing in their "bathtub"

Ian's shorts were so wet he couldn't keep them up!
Isn't he so cute?


Heidi said...

That looks like a BLAST & a HALF! Im coming over to play!

The whole time I was cutting BrookeAnnes hair.. McKenna kept saying to BrookeAnne.. Your haircut looks cute, like Tami. I thought she was talking about a Tami from school. So I asked her what Tami.. She said.. You know... Carters Mommy.. :)

Gunter of the Hill People said...

Those pics are awesome! I love Carter's little tongue hanging out in the first one and Ian's shorts falling down. Looks like so much fun. I wish I could have been there.

Aubs said...

so fun! I miss you guys

Alynda said...

That looks like so much fun - when can I go too?

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