Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today has been a hard day with Carter. I've been told "I hate you" several times and I have quite the scratch on my arm that he gave to me while we were on a walk. He has to walk and he does not like it at all so he scratched me! I didn't get much sleep last night because the night shift was so loud. I really thought it was rude. It's one thing if you hear a child cry or something like that but they were laughing and having a party! So I was wrecked tired anyways. After the walk I came in our room and cried. I told the nurse that I needed a break. She was so amazing about it. She took him on a walk and played with him while I went onto the private patio for parents and had myself a good cry. I gained composure of myself and went back to Carter's room. We played and had fun. Then I turned my back on him for a second and he told me "look, I pulled my tape off!". No pulled your IV out!! He was ready for his nap but I waited to put him down until they came. They didn't come for over an hour!! I'm not kidding. Here's a kid who is on a Morphine drip, antibiotics, Zantac, and maitinence fluids and they take over an hour. Our nurse was not happy about it either. They ended up finally getting a new IV started and he fell right asleep when I laid him down. That's the only way I can get my blog updated. I LOVE his naps!!
I was hoping that his NG tube would come out today but it won't. He's still putting out too much stomach juice. But they did decide to clamp it off and see how he does. They did that around 11 and he hasn't thrown up yet. That's a really good sign. It will be tomorrow at least before he can start clears. And then hopefully we'll be home by Sunday.
My heart is breaking for Addison and Ian. They miss me and I miss them. But luckily Steve is coming up tonight to give me a break and we are going to play tomorrow. I think I'm going to take them to the park for lunch, take them swimming and then rent a Red Box movie. I think we all need it.
This hospital is amazing though. For the most part we've had great nurses. And the Child Life staff is awesome. They have all sorts of fun activities for the kids. Today they took a dog around for the kids to pet and give treats to. Carter absolutely LOVED that. He lit up. I took lots of pictures and can't wait to post them. I really think it made a difference for him. I was so grateful!


Aubrey Garff said...

oh Tami, I wish so much that I was there to give you some relief. This is hard to read about, let alone experience. We pray for Carter everyday. It sounds like he still has his spunk though and that is good.

Karina said...

I wish I was there to keep you company. My kids would not mind one bit, they love looking at all the medical equipment. They are weird like that. You and your family are in our prayers.

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