Monday, August 24, 2009

GREAT weekend

I have been switching off journaling here on my blog and in my journal and since I'm here at the computer updating my ipod I thought I'd just post a little about what we've been up to.

Last night about 25 of us from The Jenny Phillips Choir traveled up to Rexburg, Idaho for a performance. We left Jenny's house at about 12:30 and arrived in Rexburg around 4:15. They fed us an amazing dinner of soup, fruit salad, rolls and even pie. We then set up, did a sound check and then had our prayer meeting. The Spirit was so strong. There were a couple of spiritual messages presented and then we sang a hymn together. Man it sounded good. Then we all knelt as a group and had prayer. We pray that we will touch the youth and that they will remember the messages that we share.

My Mom and Dad and Jen and Nick were able to come down for the fireside. It was so good to see them even if it was for a couple of hours only. It was fun to sing for them. We sang for a packed house last night. There were hundreds of people there. It's so fun to look out at the audience and see their faces. You can tell when they feel the Spirit. Sitting in front of my parent and my sister was a family like that. They cried through the entire presentation. They had a boy with them who was probably 11 years old that was emotional. It was special to see that. I felt honored to be part of that. I hope they won't soon forget. My mom even commented how cool it is to hear that week after week. I know that the message that we are sharing is important and I truly do feel HONORED to be part of it. It's a huge blessing from Heavenly Father.

After the fireside we drove back to Salt Lake. We got back to Jenny's house around midnight and then I drove home. on a MUCH lighter note. Carter is potty trained!! Hooray (sort of)! It took less than a week and he hasn't had a "potty" accident in a few days. But pooping is a different story. While I was gone yesterday I guess Carter had a massive accident and poor Steve had to clean it up. Thanks honey! So we will continue to work on that. I KNOW we are close. He won't even go potty in a pull-up. My other kids knew that they could just like a diaper so it just hindered their progress. So on days that I think he's going to poop (you never know with him since his surgery) I'll just put him in a pull-up. I did bribe him today with a huge candy bar as a poop treat! I know you all wanted to know that!

I made up some songs about potty training and Carter LOVES them. I can't believe that they work. Steve said that yesterday he was more interested in the songs after than the potty treats. Hmmm...maybe I'm onto something here! Get ready for my first best selling CD! Maybe I'll hit up Babies R Us and we'll strike a deal. Don't could happen! :)

Today I'm just getting the house clean. It's quite here. The kids started school today. Addison is in 5th grade and Ian is in 3rd. Where has the time gone? I am so excited for this school year. I really think it's going to be great and that they have good teachers.


Gunter of the Hill People said...

The potty songs are great, but the "Potty Dance" is also a big hit with Carter. We have to do the "Potty Dance" after every time he uses the potty. I'm just glad no one is video taping it.

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