Sunday, August 16, 2009


Addison and I had the opportunity to attend a journaling class at The Church Histoy Library last week. It was a really great class. Even Addi took notes (She's going by Addi these days). My mother in law gave me a journal last year for Mother's Day. Journaling is very close to her heart. She journals each week and she journals about everything. I made a promise that I would try and journal consistently. I haven't been too good at it until now. I've journaled EVERY night since the class. Here are some things I learned in case you would like to start journaling or just improve your journaling skills.

Think about who you want to read your journal and write to them. What do you want people to know?
It's a place to give advice and counsel.
You are leaving a record of who you are and what you stand for.
Give an account of the days' activities. How you felt - good or bad.
It's OK to write about the bad times. You can keep a separate confidential journal if you'd like too.
Write down dates (day of the week, month, day, year) before each entry.
Make journaling a part of your day. Schedule a time each day to write.
Make sure it's on acid free paper. And write in pencil or non water solubile ink. If you keep a digital journal make sure that you back up your files. Don't keep it in one place. Print out your journal every month using a laser printer not an ink jet.
Don't overdescribe events. Keep it simple.
Go back through old journals and add footnotes.

He said to journal every day or every week because memory is great but it will fail you. You will forget a lot. So keep a record while you are going through the experience.

It really was a great class and I know that as I look back through my journals I will be able to remember the good and the bad times. I can't wait until I've got several journals to go through.

I also LOVE what my dad has been able to do for his kids. Each week he emails us a journal about what he did that week. He includes what he did for work, who he had meetings with. He includes his church activities and what is going on with his calling as Stake President. He also includes personal things too. I love getting these journals from him. Thank you dad!


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