Friday, October 2, 2009

Seriously? NO WAY!!

So it's NO secret. I love to go to thrift stores first to shop for clothes. So get this...last night we found some jeans for Ian at Savers. BTW...that store rocks! It's WAY better than DI. It's organized by size and type of clothing. Anyway, Ian tried on the pair of jeans after we got home and he put his hands in the pockets. He thought that there was a crumpled piece of paper but when he pulled it out he screamed!! It was a $20 BILL. I could not believe it! I told him that since there was absolutely no way we could track down the owner he could have it. I told him he'd have to spend it on clothes though. He still needs more jeans and long sleeve shirts now that the weather is getting cold. What a lucky guy!


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