Thursday, January 21, 2010

Final Count

I am officially done making french bread (for now at least). I made 90 loaves and yes it was in one oven in a little home kitchen. I appreciate all the help we received. There were so many generous people that helped out. I am making the donation on Sunday through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Humanitarian Department. We decided to make the donation through our church because we know that 100% of the money donated will go to Haiti. We raised almost $500! This is so much more that I could have ever expected.

My friend and I were talking about all of those here in the US that need help too. There will always be someone in need. People don't just need help at Christmas or when a natural disaster happens. This has taught me to really look around me and try to notice those that need my help here. I want to make a difference in people's lives. It makes me happy.

I am so grateful to have God in my life. I am grateful that he can lead us to those that are struggling. So when you get a feeling to help DO IT. DO IT NOW. Call someone, bake cookies and ding door ditch them, volunteer at a soup kitchen, help someone with their groceries, help someone move, write a letter to someone, bring in someone's garbage cans, babysit, go to the Temple, smile at someone, etc. See? It doesn't have to cost money or take a lot of time to brighten someone's day. DO IT.

Let's stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking of others!


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Sam said...

Way to go girl! What you and your family did for others was so thoughtful and delicious!!! In just the short time we've known each other you've blessed my life in more ways than one! Thank you for all you do and for being you!!!

The Laursen Family said...

You inspire me alot. I don't know who you are but I really want to help others but don't have alot of money. Thanks so much for showing me they way on how to do it small and simple ways but it is huges in the long run. KIM

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