Friday, June 11, 2010

Cold? Shmold?

The high for today is 64 and it's rainy. Did we let that stop us? NOT WAY! We did some more letterboxing, walked along the Jordan Parkway and fed the ducks. We tried to find a letterbox along this path but it wasn't there. We still had a great walk (except for my 3 year old's skinned knees). My niece comes from a family of ALL girls. And I was joking around with her that if her mom ever adopted a boy she was in for a shock because they LOVE sticks. Boys, especially my boys, will turn sticks into any type of weapon like a gun or a sword. She told me that her mom would NEVER let a boy act like that and I wanted to burst out in laughter. So check out my son's stick. And I let him take it home with him. Boys WILL be boys! And I'm so lucky to have two of them.
My 3 year old kept complaining about how tired he was while we were walking back to the car until he saw this playground. Hmmm...maybe he was just being lazy.
We stopped to feed the ducks.
We found this letterbox today. I thought I'd show you what one looks like. Usually they are in a water proof box but this was hidden inside a tree.
Here are the contents. The stamp and the pad.
My 11 year old recording our stamp in their book.
The boys were only interested in finding sticks and throwing them into the river. It made me very nervous because it was so high and fast moving.

My 3 year old wanted to "relax" for a while on the bench.
So far this summer is great! We got up early, got our work done and played!


Lesia said...

Love the fact you did not let the weather stop your day. The letter box looks way fun. You will need to tell me more when I see you.

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