Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 3...Lake Seneca Girls Camp

I LOVE girls camp. After living in Utah for so long I realized that we were very spoiled in California. And I don't feel bad about it for a second. Camp Ritchie was the greatest place on earth for me as a teenager. Lake Seneca camp reminded me a lot of my girls camp growing up. They have cabins, a lake and a lodge. There is none of this tent mumbo jumbo. The girls were adorable. It was so fun to sit with them and talk to them. I even played the "cup" game. Oh sweet memories.

Making a make shift screen out of sheets They fed us well The boys had to be separated. I though it was hilarious. Rules, rules! It POURED rain. I love nothing more than a good summer thunder storm. Such cute girls Isn't her hair amazing? My cute table of girls I just fell in love with Siana. She was so cute. The next day at the temple she saw a memeber of our choir and asked where I was. Then at the pagent she went row by row looking for me. cute! This 14 year old girls was so darling. She was so happy!


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