Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tour...Day 2

We drove to Eaton's for lunch. I had a veggie omelet. It was really good! They had the BEST homemade bread there. I bought a some real maple syrup, some maple candies and my magnet! Then we drove to the birthplace of Joseph Smith in Sharon, Vermont. It was a georgeous location. We didn't have too much time to visit the monument because we had to head back to the church to change into our fireside clothes. We had dinner that night provided by the missionaries. The food was so great! We sang to them before we left and headed back down to the church. The performance that night was really spiritual. I love performing "Remember the Journey". I learn something every time I hear it. These pictures are out of order! Sorry! There was a group of girls from a camp nearby that came to the fireside. It was fun to see them line up to meet Jenny.

Dinner at the missionary's home
Getting ready for the fireside
Matt Bardsley giving up some info about the birthplace of Joseph Smith
Looks like a lot of people from Utah have eaton at Eaton's

This is a solid shaft granite monument at Joseph's birthplace

This is the original hearth from the Smith home
There was a little grave yard that we visited on the property. Here is Jenny and her daughter.

The church we performed at

This is the original front step from the Smith home.


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