Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dollhouses - Not Just For Kids

When I was 17 (or was it 18?) I wanted to make a dollhouse.  I spent hours and hours building the house.  I was so proud of that house.  

My mom worked at a little bookstore and became friends with another lady that worked there (I'll call her Betty - I don't remember her name).  Betty had a grand daughter who LOVED to play with her dollhouse.  Betty's grand daughter didn't have very much money at all so this little girl took a card board box and turned it into her dollhouse.  She would take old magazines and cut out pictures of furniture and appliances and tape them to the walls of her card board house. 
I remember my heart breaking for this little girl when my mom told me about her.  I don't remember how far along I was on my doll house when she told me.  I know I wasn't far along at all.  

I decided on my own to give Betty's grand daughter my doll house that I was building.  I told my mom and we both cried together.  I was so excited to give this little girl something so special.  

It took me a few months to finish the dollhouse.  My mom told Betty about it and we made arrangements to drop my dollhouse off to Betty's grand daughter.  She had no idea that it was coming.  

When we went to her house I saw that little card board doll house.  And then I saw her reaction to the one I had built for her.  It was priceless.  

The little girl is a grown woman now.  I bet she has a family of her own.  I don't know.  I hoped she's kept that house.  And if she hasn't I hope that she played with it until it fell apart.  I'll never know.  I just know that I made a little girl very, very happy that day.  But I was the one who was the happiest of all.  

I've always wanted to make another dollhouse.  It's been about 18 years since I gave that dollhouse away.  Guess what my husband bought me last night?  A new dollhouse of my very own.  And as I build it I will think of that little girl who changed me so very long ago.  

I can't wait to post my progress.  BTW...the pictures above are pictures of the doll house I'm making.  I love the yellow.  I'm thinking about painting it that color.  What do you think? 


Heidi said...

LOVE IT! Where did he buy the kit & for how much? I want to make one for BrookeAnne! She will never grow out of playing with dolls! :)

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