Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Week In Review

I am truly amazed at how quickly time flies. Are you too?

Here's the top 5 for the week:

1. My 4 year old is so dang cute! He wants to "snuggle" with me every night. Last night while we were laying in bed my husband gave me my nightly foot (therapy) rub. It hurts sometimes. My son just kept saying, "You're doing so great Mom. Squeeze my hand if it hurts." He also gave me his favorite stuffed animal to squeeze if the pain was bad. After my foot rub my 4 year old gave his stuffed animal a foot rub. He's so cute!

2. My 11 year old performed at the annual Festival of Trees. She's had 2 performances this week and it's so fun for me to watch her sing and dance.

3. I got flowers from my hubby.

4. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. My husband and I actually went together to shop for the kids. Can I just say how much I love Ross? That store is frustrating at times because you have to dig for cute things but it really is worth it. We ended up getting the kids and my husband a ton of stuff and only spend about $200. Cha Ching!! Oh and can I just tell you how much I love buying a $48 brand name hoodie for $9.99?

5. My 4 year old is on an antibiotic because he has colitis. We had filled the original Rx and were told to mix it with chocolate pudding because it masks the VERY bitter taste. Well before I gave it to him I tasted it and it was terrible. I knew there was no way that he would take it. I called the doctor back and she called a special pharmacy. This pharmacy made a special "compound" and it's awesome! I was so happy. He doesn't mind taking this medicine at all. It's nice not to have to fight with him to take it. Especially because he's on it for 3 weeks!

Bottom 5

1. Car trouble. My husband is having problems with his power steering and I'm having problems with my ABS system. Oh the joys.

2. My daughter was horribly sick this week.

3. When we set up our tree this year we noticed that some of the lights were out. Later that day they came on though. Well, today we had a string totally die out. This will be the tree's last year with us. :( But we'll buy a new one when they go on clearance.

4. We had a big snow storm last Sunday. Monday morning my husband got stuck at the bottom of our driveway. Our neighbor had to hook up a tow cable and pull him out. He then barely made it out of our driveway. Then that afternoon my daughter called because she was sick. I got stuck at the end of the driveway on my way to get her. I didn't have anyone to help me out. I grabbed the shovel, dug around my tires and then put handfuls of salt behind each tire. I got out!

5. Ever have those days when nothing seems to go right? I had one of those days on Wed. My daughter was so sick. My son was at pre-school. My other son was at school. I was burning out with everything that I had to do that day. I had managed to finish cleaning my kitchen when I noticed that I had to leave to get my son from pre-school. My 10 year old called right as I was about to leave and told me that he had ripped his pants and that he needed me to bring him some new ones. But did he have any clean pants? NOPE. I grabbed a dirty pair from his room, ran to the school to drop them off. I thought I would be late to pick up my 4 year old but then I told myself that he gets out at 12:30. I was relieved. But then on the way to pre-school I realized that it gets out at 12:15. CRAP! It was already 12:25. I was the last mom to pick up their kid that day. And I was really happy when bed time rolled around that day.

Next week is looking like it's going to be INSANE. It's Nutcracker week. I have two kids in the performance this year. We have dress rehearsal from 4-8 pm Monday and Tuesday then 3 hour performances Wed and Thurs. Oh did I also mention that I have a huge church activity on Tuesday night too? That's not all! Pray that I survive the up-coming week!

Have a good one!


Karina said...

You can do it! You're superwoman!!

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