Monday, December 6, 2010

Randall the Reindeer

Meet Randall the Reindeer!  He's visiting our house right now.  Did you know that Santa lost his naughty and nice list?  Randall is here to save the day!  He moves throughout your house and watches your kids.  Each morning he leaves a report card for them letting them know if they've been naughty or nice.  Then on Christmas Eve Randall travels back to the North Pole and gives his list to Santa.  

This has been so much fun.  My 4 year old loves Randall.  Whenever he does something good he says "I hope Randall writes this down on my report card."
You definitely need Randall at your house too.  You can buy him at Sam's Club.  Start a new Christmas tradition today!


Kayleigh said...

How fun! My sister has the little elf and they named theirs "Sparkle". It is so funny, if one of the kids is not being nice they will go to Sparkle and tell it the other what the other is doing!

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