Monday, December 13, 2010

Walking Down Memory Lane - Addison

I can't believe that my oldest is about to turn 12 in February. Where has the time gone? We recently had our "old" computer fixed and since I was down here in the basement cleaning up I thought I'd just hop on the computer here and look at the old pictures I have on here. Here are some gems!
She loved this ride that her uncle gave her.
This is at Grandma's pool.  I think this shot is hilarious.  She hated learning to dive.  As many times as I'd try to teach her she'd just bend right over and fall in!
This is Addison, Ian and her best little friend back then, Sam.  We LOVE going up the canyons and dipping our feet in the river.  It's cold!
Can you believe we got this much snow in one snow storm?  We did.  We have nothing on the ground before it started snowing.  It was the only snow day the kids have had from school.  

I love my daughter.  She's the sweetest thing ever.  She makes me laugh.  She's so talented already.  And she's as tall as I am.  Yikes!  She was 35 1/2 inches tall at her 2 year old check up.  They say double their height at 2 and that's how tall they will be.  I'm in trouble!


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