Monday, December 13, 2010

Memory Lane - Ian

Oh cute, little Ian.  He's not so little anymore.  He's 10.  And he looks so grown up now.  He's 5 or 6 in these photos.  He's hilarious, this guy.  He still says they funniest things.  He's got a temper on him.  But he can also be very sweet and cuddly still.

Halloween 2006
Ian had a feather pillow.  It grew a small hole and a feather or two would fall out every once in a while.  Then Ian got the bright idea to take all of the feathers out and make a bed for Mr. Darth Potato Head.  I was cleaning up feathers for weeks!
This is our friends' little boy.  He and Ian really hit it off.
It's a Warner tradition to take a boys only camping trip each summer.  Ian was so proud of this fish he caught.  He's so cute in this picture, dirty face and all!
This picture totally sums up his personality.  He's a character for sure!  He loves to have fun and be goofy.


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