Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eeek! A Mouse

This picture pretty much sums up my attempt to catch the mouse that we have in our house...MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

A while back I was organizing our pantry and noticed that there were little holes in some of the bags of dried potatoes.  I knew we had a mouse but we hadn't seen one yet.  On Tuesday morning it reared it's ugly head.  Actually, it was kind of cute and very small.  We saw it in our bedroom.  So I immediately went and bought several traps.  Have we caught the little sucker yet?  NOPE.  So today I added some peanut butter to the traps.  I hope that does the trick.  I really don't want to kill the mouse but if we release it I have a fear that it will find it's way back into the house and I just can't have that!

Here's hoping we catch the little guy FAST!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Good LUCK!!!

jenncloward said...

Tami, all I can say is get a cat! lol I know you would NEVER do that, but they are so great at taking care of this kind of problem. I have several I could loan to you, but I would like them back when they are done with the job.

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