Friday, February 18, 2011

5 on Friday...On Time!

Are you dying that this post is actually on time?  It's been a great week!

Top 5

1.  I have stared simplifying my life.  I've already gone though the coat closet and my entire kitchen.  I couldn't have done it without my amazing husband's help!  I have taken two HUGE loads to the thrift store already.  I tend to hang onto stuff thinking that I will eventually need it one day.  Life is too short to hang onto stuff like that for me.  I keep looking in my pantry and coat closet amazing at how they look now.  

2.  My Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brother...need I say more?  I love them so much and want them to know that.  I love that we support each other in our trials.  

3.  On Tuesday night we took the Young Men and Young Women down to BYU to see the Carl Bloch art exhibit.  It was spectacular.  I got in trouble though for taking some pictures.  They never told us and I was embarrassed!

4.  I love my husband.  He wrote something so sweet about me on his facebook status.  Someone accused me of hacking into his account and putting that up there.  For anyone who REALLY knows my husband you would know that he truly loves me and would totally put mushy, gushy things on his facebook about me.  

5.  Two of my husband's employees made me a custom hat!  This will tell you what kind of a boss he is.  They like him so much that they made ME a hat!  One crocheted it and the other girl made a beautiful flower for it.  And I'll be able to wear the flower in my hair alone when the weather warms up!  Thank you Angela and Jessica!  You have NO idea how much I appreciate that.

Bottom 5

1.  My little guy was so VERY sick this week.  He missed all week of pre-school.  He's finally starting to feel better today.  I bought him his own box of tissues.  It's actually been cute to see him grab one after the other to wipe his nose.  But now the skin under his nose is raw and red.  

2.  Yesterday my daughter made jello.  My 4 year old absolutely LOVES jello.  He had checked on it all day long waiting for it to set.  Last night my husband told him to go check on the jello.  My 4 year old came in the family room absolutely CRUSHED.  Someone had eaten the entire bowl already.  He was heartbroken.  I promised him that I would make him his own special jello today JUST for him.  

3.  We still haven't caught that dang mouse!  I've set 4 traps and still nothing.  As we clean and organize the house I'll set out more.  

4.  I found a dent in our van door. Someone must have parked too close and opened their door carelessly.  So now there's a nice blue streak on our door.

5.  It seems like everything I try to make or do turns out very badly.  I'm not sure what is going on with me.  I tried to make cute valentines cupcakes and they overflowed.  And I burned the rice that night!  The rice!  Luckily the bottom of the pan just scorched, but still.  I've never done that.  I've always been a good cook.  I need to get my mojo back!


Miss Angie said...

You are SOOOO welcome, and you look SOOOO cute in it! So glad you like it! :)

And he is the best boss. Really.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Now I want to see that hat!

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