Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remembering MY 12th Birthday

My daughter is turning 12 tomorrow.  I can't believe it.  Everyone tells you when you have kids that they grow up in the blink of an eye and I'm starting to agree with them.  I totally remember my 12th birthday like it was yesterday.  I was in Mrs. Shiraki's 6th grade class in California.  Someone left a huge balloon bouquet on my desk and I remember my teacher worried that it would make the other kids feel bad. 
I wanted a jean jacket SO badly!  My mom and dad got me a jacket and a cute jean and lace skirt to match.
I had a big birthday party.  I still remember who was there...Jeanette, Michelle, Lori, Christianne, and more!  I got 2 Kirk Cameron posters and I screamed like a little girl when I opened them up.  I hung them up on my wall and kissed the heck out of them!   Oh come on!  You know you did it too!  I still think he's one handsome man.

In the Mormon church turning 12 is a HUGE deal.  It means you graduate from Primary ( for little kids) and go into the Young Women's program.  It's a program for kids 12-18.  It's awesome.  I loved it and I couldn't wait to get away from all the little kids.  I wanted to feel "grown up."  I was assigned to a "secret sister" in our ward.  She left me little treats for about a week or so before my birthday.  She's the one who left me the balloons at school.  I still remember who it was.  Her name is Linda.  I just remember feeling so special!
I hope my daughter feels just as special tomorrow.  She doesn't think Kirk Cameron is cute (she's crazy!).  But she does LOVE Justin Bieber.  I have something HUGE planned for her for tomorrow.  I was telling my YW group about what I'm doing and they told me I was an "awesome" Mom.  She wants a cell phone for her birthday.  Is she getting one?  We'll see tomorrow.  I don't think she reads my blog so I won't post any of the surprises I have in store yet.  I did buy tickets to see the new Justin Bieber movie that comes out tomorrow.  Will I survive 2 hours of him in 3D?  Oh I hope that I don't catch that fever going around...Bieber Fever! 


Karina said...

How awesome!! We'll be watching the Bieber too!! and Happy Birthday to Addison!!

{leah} said...

This *almost* made me want to have a girl. What fun ideas!! :)

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