Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 on Friday...I know, I's late!

Why does it seem like each week passes by quicker and quicker??  

Here are the ups and downs for the week...

Top 5

1.  My daughter turned 12 and we had a big celebration for her.  I bought her a Justin Bieber life-size cardboard cut out and hid it in the bathroom.  She found it the next morning and it totally scared her!  It was great.  Then when she was in the shower I hid her new cell phone in the vanity.  When she was out my husband called it.  She was so excited.  After school that day I took her and a friend to see Never Say Never, the new Justin Bieber movie.  I have to was actually a really good movie.  That kid is seriously talented.  

2.  All of my husband's siblings and their significant others met at his parent's house for dinner on Saturday night.  We all had a great time.  His Mom even set out candles and everything.  

3.  I updated the background again on my blog.  I love to change it.  But I absolutely LOVE this new design.  

4.  My husband bought be a bouquet of beautiful roses.  I've been smelling them all day long.  They are so pretty.  

5.  My 4 year old is hilarious.  He brought me his brother's bullet key chain and said, "Mom, did you know this is a .30 caliber bullet?"  WHAT??, son, I didn't know that!

6.  Since It's my list I can tweak it, right?  This week I have been able to spend some time with some of my favorite people in the world.  It's truly been a GREAT week.  I went shopping with my favorite Audrey!  I hope when she reads this she remembers that story I shared with her and bursts out laughing!  It's a classic.  And on Saturday I ran into another favorite person, Heidi.  She stopped by our house later that day and we were able to catch up a bit.  Oh there is nothing like quality girl time!

7.  Seriously...this has been a good week.  I won a drawing on another blog!  Yay me!  

8.  Last Sunday our friend, Brittney, came over to watch the Super Bowl.  I told her how much I loved her ring.  I love anything with owls.  ANYTHING.  She took it off her hand and totally gave it to me!  She told me that it didn't have any sentimental value to her.  And then I told her that it now had sentimental value to me.  I have worn it all week long and thought about how cool that was of her.  It meant SO much to me.  Thank you Brittney!  I love you girl! 

Bottom 5 for the week

1.  Can we all just STOP with the illnesses?  My daughter missed 3 days of school last week.  And now my 4 year old is sick.  ENOUGH!!  I'm D-O-N-E.  

2.  My daughter got docked points on her science fair board for not having certain info posted on it.  I had NO idea how to put together a board and neither did my daughter.  There wasn't any info in the packet that was sent home from the school either.  So I hopped on the internet and looked at several different examples.  I really don't think that's fair because we weren't told specifically what had to be on that board.  And I think it's ridiculous that only 3 kids out of the whole 6th grade get to be judged.  LAME-O.  

3.  My house is still a wreck from being sick for so long.  How do I find the motivation to actually start on the 20 loads of laundry???'s probably like 10 since we have a front loader but STILL!

4.  My husband and I woke up to fighting on Saturday morning.  What were they fighting about?  The ipod.  Nice.  

5.  I miss the kids' old school in Tooele.  I'm realizing how amazing it was.  They really did some neat things with the students and the PTA rocked.

How was your week?


Audrey Jacobsen said...

First off, love the new blog look... I almost picked that one! :) Glad you found leelou.

Secondly, BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I was thinking about that today and what I would do if I were in the situation and I decided that I'd probably laugh just as hard as I did at you. Funniest part was how close she was. HAHAHA!!!

Thirdly, I agree that friends are the best. I wouldn't be half as insanely great as I am without you helping me along the crazy path. :) Love you!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Funny!!! and sweet...i busted my thumb soicanttype!

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