Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who Inspires me...And a Challenge

NOT him...anymore!  Kidding.  I just thought this was hilarious.  Who knew that when you typed in inspirational pictures this is who would come up.  Ummm...NOT what I was looking for.
This is what I was looking for.  I love this quote.  I have been inspired by so many lately.  And these feelings that I'm having have been primed with solitude.  I find that at quiet times throughout the day is when I really process all the inspiration!
The first person that comes to my mind is my amazing Friend, Audrey.  Oh I wish everyone could be friends with her and know her.  Wait, no I don't.  I need her all to myself.  OK, I'll share her if I HAVE to.  She makes my life better everyday.  When I look back on how she came into my life I have no doubt that God had a hand in it.  She inspires me to laugh, not to take myself too seriously, to truly embrace and appreciate life, and to sing my heart out!  It's really scary how alike we are and I love it.  

I'm inspired by my husband's employees who took HOURS out of their lives to create a work of art (my hat).  They did for me because they like him so much.  Who does that, really?  They thought above and beyond themselves and I love that I have a physical reminder now to inspire me to do that for others.
My parents inspire me.  I love that the momma bear claws still come out even though we are grown adults.  They will never stop caring for their kids' well-being, EVER.  Thank you for still caring about us kids even though we are adults and are raising families of our own.  Thank you for protecting my baby sister!

Last, but not least for sure, is Jocelyn.  Jocelyn is my blogging friend but I consider her a friend in "real life."  This month is her service boot camp.  We are writing letters to people we care about.  When was the last time you got a hand written letter in the mail?  I can't even remember the last time I got one.  She's inspired me to make a list of everyone who has ever touched my life and write them a letter.  I have a VERY long list.  I'm not afraid of writer's cramp...I'll work through it.  Those writing muscles haven't had a good work out in years.  Isn't it convenient that we have email, facebook and texting?  It is but it's so impersonal now too. 

So here's my challenge to you.  Write a letter just like Jocelyn suggests.  Make a list of people in your life who you want to thank, apologize too or just say hi.

Here's the steps to writing a letter because I know we've all forgotten:

1.  You will need a pen and paper.  Don't worry if it's only on binder paper, you don't need anything fancy.

2.  Write.  You will get writer's cramp because you are out of practice!

3.  Fold those papers so they fit into an envelope.  Wait, you don't have any?  Run to your local dollar store and buy a box.  I'll wait...Don't forget to buy stamps while you are at it.

4. you remember how to address an envelope?  Geez, I sure hope not.  
5.  The stamp goes in the left corner.  Oops, it's the right one.  See, it's been awhile!

6.  Walk it out to your mailbox and put it in!  No, wait you forgot to raise the flag.  See, that flag tells the mail man that there's actually a piece of mail in there just waiting to be mailed.  

You can do it!  Mail a letter TODAY!


Jen said...

I will try to take on your challenge. I want to add my experience of hand-writing notes to help others out. I wrote just a short note the other day to a dear friend. Took me no longer than 3 minutes. The response I received back from my friend was precious. It is worth the time to WRITE a note to a friend.
Thanks for the challenge Tami!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ha ha! Your how-to list is too funny!

I was about to say we were thinking the same thing. I talked about "thinking" in my post just now...just plain old thinking...but your word for it "solitude" is much more of what I was trying to say.

Nice job...and thanks for the lovely tribute! Right back-atcha, friend! :)

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