Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My 3 Things...

Years ago, before I was married, when I lived alone I had 3 things that I would turn to when I needed some comfort from my troubles.  I'm not even sure why I turned always to the same 3 things each time I had a bad day.  But I did.  When I had a bad day I would RUN to the store and buy myself a brand new magazine.  Now this couldn't be just any old magazine.  I would stand at the magazine rack and just stare.  When I found one that I wanted to read I just couldn't grab the front copy.  Oh no, I would pull the middle copy making sure that nobody else had touched it.  I know...OCD.  We all have a little in us, right?

Then I'd make my way down the drink isle.  I'd grab a bottle of sparkling apple cider.
My last stop would be the dairy isle to grab some yogurt.  I used to buy the kind with the granola on top so you could stir it in.  They don't make it anymore though.
Then when I'd get home I'd plop in front of the TV and pull out my 3 things.  I'd eat the yogurt, read that magazine and drink right out of the bottle.  

Isn't that funny?  I haven't done this since being married.  It's just not the same.  But I do still buy myself a magazine when I have those "down" days.  Yesterday I bought TWO magazines!

I miss you vanilla yogurt with granola.  I miss your tangy, yet sweet taste.  Oh and I can just feel the tingle from the sparkling apple cider.  One day I'll enjoy all three of you again in one sitting, I promise.

What comforts you?


Michelle... said...

I love it! The only way I eat yogurt is with granola in it. I am the same way about magazines and books. Never take the top copy. :) Getting together with friends is one of my outlets - lunch and let the kids play. Speaking of which, we need to get together. Let me know what works for you.

Miss Angie said...

I used to get that yogurt and a cosmo mag! LOL!

Audrey Jacobsen said...

My comforts are music, blogging and my munchkins... well, that and a good rainstorm where you can run out and tilt your head back and just let the drops hit you while your arms are spread out wide. That's pretty comforting for me. Oh, and Chili's with Tami...

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