Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great Service? Call a Manager!

Doesn't that steak look delicious?  That's what I had for dinner tonight.  My husband and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  I decided to order a HUMONGOUS steak so I could continue to enjoy it over the next couple of days.  Call me crazy.  I joked about this to our waiter.  He said that people do it all the time.  Who knew?
So I savored each and every bit like you should do when eating a good steak.  Then I carefully boxed up the rest.  We paid and walked out the door.
As we were about to drive away someone knocked on our window.  It was our server, Kolby.  Guess what I had left on the table?  Yea, the rest of my steak goodness.  
How awesome is that?  He did NOT have to run out in the parking lot to find us.  So guess what I did on the drive home?
 She was shocked that someone was calling with something other than a complaint.  Does anyone do this besides me?  Have you called the manager because the service was out of this world?  Kolby's certainly was.  The restaurant was slammed tonight but we always had fresh drinks and he came to check up on us often.  Have I told you how picky I am about service too?

So, next time you have amazing service anywhere call the manager.  I guarantee you will totally make everyone's day!

Go ahead and call!


Audrey Jacobsen said...

Kolby is a friend of mine. No lie. He's a great guy!!

Miss Angie said...

That is soooo much awesomeness. What a great waiter, and what a great customer you are for calling in!

I think people focus on the bad so much, that when we get to hear how much we improved someone's day it makes our day too!

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