Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Happy List

I am so HAPPY that we found the perfect couches for our living room.  They are leather and I can't wait to get them.

I am so HAPPY that our tax return came this week.

I am HAPPY that I got to see some old friends from San Jose today.  It was a sad occasion that brought us together but it did make me HAPPY seeing everyone again.

I am HAPPY that our server tonight at Texas Roadhouse came running out into the parking lot to bring me my steak that I forgot on the table.

Nothing makes me HAPPIER than re-decorating our house.  My husband and I not only bought new couches but we bought new bedding for our bed.  That means a complete overhaul of our bedroom!  

My husband is HAPPY because we now have surround sound!

Sales make me HAPPYFashion Bug's entire store was 40% off today.  I found some really cute clothes for really cheap!  Saving money makes me HAPPY!

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Diane Writes said...

Hi! I am a Happy List participant too.

I also love seeing old friends and redecorating the house.

I love your blog and I hope we could develop a connection by following each others blogs.

Wishing you more happiness!

Mamarazzi said...

redecorating makes me happy too and yay for new furniture and sales on cute that!!

thanks for linking up your happy list!!

Miss Angie said...

Those are all such great things to be happy for and about!

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