Friday, March 25, 2011

I Confess...


I confess...

I just read mamarazzi's confessions and I want a pool boy and a gardener! 
I think from now on if we do need to hire some help I'll also choose them simply by their name...HILARIOUS!

I confess...
I HATE Hirschsprung's Disease.  Both of my boys have it.  One is fine now and the other is still having problems.  

I am worried about sending him to kindergarten.  Will he still be in pull-ups?  Geez, I hope not. 
This week I've put him back in pull-ups because I can't even handle the poopy underwear.  

I confess...
I love that my 4 year old still LOVES cuddles with his mommy!  
I tuck him in bed each night and we tell stories and laugh!

He even tells me over and over again how pretty I am and that he loves me "bunches and bunches."

I confess...

I have a private blog.

I love having a space where I can write about anything I want to without having to worry about hurting people's feelings.

I love that only invited guests can read it.

I share my deepest, darkest secrets there!  Are you curious?  

I confess...

I'm totally fascinated by the English and their obsession with tea time.  

I want to be that obsessed too.

I want to invite my friends over for tea time.

How fun would that be?  I'd even make little sandwiches.  

I want a fancy tea set.  

I want to have tea time everyday!

I'm going to go post this and then make myself a cup of herbal tea. 


Audrey Jacobsen said...

This is not 5 on Friday. Just sayin'. hehe

VandyJ said...

Tea is big at our house--but we don't do a specific tea time--except we like to have a cup of tea before bed sometimes.

Miss Angie said...

My roommate likes tea a lot, we make it all the time! I want a tea party though... The kind where you sit around the table with tea time, not the kind that carry picket signs and scream racist things. lol

sarajo said...

Mamarazzi is one lucky gal!

And I have a private blog that only I can read. It's my venting, not so happy blog. I find that writing out my feelings helps a lot.

One day I would love to live in London. Not forever, but for a bit. That would be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

My BFF and I are hosting an Arbonne party on the day Wills and Kate are getting married and guess what the theme is....


Have a great weekend!

Jeff and Alyssa Hertzler said...

Our son K. has Encopresis. I had never heard of what your kids have until I looked it up- it all sounds really familiar. Ours went to school in a pull-up and the days (which were few) he didn't I was horrified and nervous for him all day. We finally just got him out of pull-ups for good this past August- yes he was 7yrs old and headed to 2nd grade (and he still is on meds- and probably will be most of his life in some form or another, and a strict diet and potty schedule). My 4yr old is starting to have the same issues. I'm terrified it will be more of the same. It keeps me awake at night. I empathize with you with your worry for your little guy. Hang in there and know you aren't the only one, it just feels like it. And if you ever need to vent about poop- know that we have seen it all at this house and have also experienced how isolating this struggle can be- because how can most people understand your child not just potty training and being done with it and how do you talk about poop in polite society!:) Also, I'm in favor of tea time. I vote we bring it back. That and calling cards and visits each day- guess we need servants for all that. Darn it!

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