Saturday, March 19, 2011



I have learned over the years that when life just seems to be, well, crappy there's always something to be happy about.  Sometimes we have to look really, really hard but happy things are there.  So look around, what makes you happy?

I'm so happy because I just had lunch today with two of my favorite people in the world.  There's nothing like chilling with friends over great food.  I was introduced to a new restaurant and that makes me happy too!  Oh this place had the BEST desserts too!  Heaven I tell you, heaven.  

Playing with my kids makes me all kids of happy!  I just got done playing with my 4 year old in his room.  We played basketball and he showed me all kinds of crazy moves!  I think we have a little sports star in the making. 

Rain makes me happy.  I don't care that I just washed my car yesterday.  I want it to rain so much we have some puddles to jump in.  So come on skies, open up!

What could make a wife happier than seeing her husband surprise her by mopping the floor?  Thanks honey!  You have NO idea how happy that made me!

I love to read a good book.  It's been a while since I've read a book that I truly can't put down.  You know the kind where you can't wait to climb in bed so you can read and that's all you think about?  Ok, it might just be me but I'm finally reading an amazingly good book and that makes me all kids of HAPPY!!

OK...time to go read my book!  Have a great week! 


Audrey Jacobsen said...

YAY for happy days!!!

Diane Writes said...

Hi! I discovered your blog from Mamarazzi. We both share the same sources of happiness. Good food with friends make me really happy. Finding a good read is also another simple source of happiness for me.

I wish you more happiness!

Helene said...

I wish so much that I knew what it felt like to experience that happiness when my husband mops the floor but, alas, he has a fear of mops. Or maybe not but that's what I convinced myself of because it's easier to believe than the fact that he doesn't like to help around the house!

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