Friday, March 18, 2011

I Confess...

I've been looking forward to this all week long.

I Confess...I hate bullies.  I hate parents who think THEIR kid can do no wrong.  It was completely pointless this week to talk to the parents.  Her dad flat out told me that his daughter did nothing wrong.  It was so very, very frustrating.

I Confess...I am dying for Spring to come in full bloom.  I can't wait to play at the park without jackets.  I can't wait to plant flowers.  I can't wait until the leaves grow back on our trees.  Oh and I can NOT wait to shop at the farmer's market.

I Confess...I am so excited that I got asked to be a guest blogger on one of my favorite blogs.  Celebrating Easter is going to be really special this year.

I Confess...Crow tastes like chicken.  I know I've said it before but I was DEAD set against homeschooling.  I hated the idea.  I had seen so many families who's kids just goofed off all day long.  I never understood why anyone would EVER even consider it.  I get it now.  My daughter is loving school at home.  The K12 program is amazing.  Their curriculum is so much better than the school she used to go to.  I love that she can't pass a class until she takes the assessment getting an 80% or higher.  

I Confess...I'm excited that my son who turns 5 in July and starts Kindergarten in the fall is finally growing out of his size 3t clothes.  He's a tiny little stink!  I should say that the 3t clothes are starting to be too short, not too tight.  

I Confess...After the kids went to bed I went and recovered the ipod out of the garbage can.  I just couldn't really throw it away.  They don't know this though.  I just plan to give it away.  Anyone want an ipod?  



Shafferprincess said...

I'll take an iPod! :)

Seriously, now, about your couches - what do they look like? Are in they in good condition? Our couch is literally falling apart, so we're looking for something new or something that is used but in really good condition. Let me know, and if they are in good condition, let me know how much you might want for them. :)

shortmama said...

Im sorry you are having problems with bullies...and parents that dont recognize the issue just make it worse!

I homeschool too and NEVER thought I would...but we love it!

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