Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My OWN ABC's of ME...Picture Edition

I know I wrote a post about this a little while ago but it was pretty generic.  I LOVE reading get to know you questions about others.  So I wrote down the alphabet and revised the letters for ME!  Want to know more about me?  Here you go.

 A - African Safari

I want to go to Africa!  I want to see the animals in their native land and in their natural habitat.

I want to be afraid of the animals because there are no cages and they could eat me at any second!

B - Bagpipes

I LOVE the bagpipes.  I LOVE how they sound.

I want someone to play the bagpipes at my funeral.  I'm not even kidding!

C - Longest Crush

Anyone who has know me a LONG time knows who this person is!

I had a HUGE crush on him from 7th grade all the way through high school.

D - Dreams

I have the craziest, most vivid dreams ever!

I love dreaming.

E - Earthquake

The biggest earthquake I've ever experienced was in 1989.  It was a 7.2. 

See this road?  We tried to pick up my dad from the airport driving on roads like this.

F - Flowers

I love wildflowers. 

I love driving up the canyons here in Utah and seeing them explode all up the mountain sides!

G - Gnomes

I seriously love these little guys. 

But I am VERY picky when it comes to finding ones that I will actually buy.  I want a garden full of them. 

H - Hammock

I could lay in a hammock for hours! 

Oh I want one so bad!

I - Ice Cream

There was a store by our house growing up that had a square ice cream scoop.

I think it made the ice cream taste better!

Why doesn't anyone serve square ice cream anymore?

J - Jewelry

Growing up my mom had a jewelry box that looked like this.  It was filled to the brim with the best jewelry.  I loved looking at all of it.  I loved trying it on!

Maybe that's why I LOVE jewelry so much.  I have over 30 rings!

K - Kites

I absolutely love flying kites.  When we lived in Tooele we used to fly the kites in the middle of the street.

Give me an open park and a windy day and I'm happy!

L - Lake Tahoe

Before I got married I swear my friends and I would head up to Lake Tahoe once a month.

My husband and I went on our honeymoon there!  I have so many great memories there!

M - Embarrassing Moment

I've had SO many of them! 

I think this might have to be a separate post.

Let's see there's the incident at Chili's where a kid pooped.  There's the black bean incident and then there's the tooting incident on a date where they guy took the blame.  Oh man!

N - Nest

I really love seeing birds' nests up in trees.

But seeing them still reminds me when I was a little girl I found a nest and I picked up an egg.  It broke in my hand!  I felt terrible that I had just killed a little baby bird.  Oops!

O - Olives

I love olives, especially GREEN olives.

I love their bitter taste!  I could eat a whole jar in one sitting!

P - Pajamas

I hate wearing pajamas to bed.  They are too hot!

But I do love wearing them around before bed.  And I will only wear them if they are two piece like the picture and if they have a crazy, fun pattern on them.

Q - Quilts

I love quilts!

Quilting by hand is becoming a lost art.  My mom still quilts by hand.  She is an amazing quilter. 

She designs her own quilts too!  For Christmas she designed a different quilt for each of her daughters.  It hangs proudly in my house!

R - Rhubarb

I have a phobia when it comes to rhubarb.

I heard once that it's poisonous if it's raw.  I'm sure that's not true but I sill can't eat it. 

Silly huh?  So does anyone know if rhubarb is poisonous?

S - Salad Bar

I am VERY picky when it comes to eating at salad bars.  If they don't have everything I want to put on my salad then I am one grumpy gal!

Harmon's grocery store has the best salad bar!  It even has baby corn and artichoke hearts! 

T - Teeth

This is what I would look like if I didn't have my fake teeth in!

When I was in 6th grade I slipped on our wet driveway and broke out my two front teeth. 

I was devastated.  Too bad I couldn't blame it on hockey!

I thought everyone would notice.  Yea...no one does!

  U - Umbrellas

I love umbrellas.  I love the shade that they give so I can stay outside just a little longer.

The bigger the better!  The more colorful the better!

I hate being directly in the sun!

V - Vacation

My dream vacation would be on a deserted beach, sitting under an umbrella, reading a book, sipping a diet drink with an umbrella!

I LOVE the beach. 

 W - Three Wishes

I wish for more money
I wish for peace
I wish for a maid

X - X Games

No interest in them whatsoever!

There was a point in my life when I would have loved to go.  Yea...not anymore. 

Y - Yolk

I love over easy eggs.  I love poached eggs.  I love to soak up the warm yolk with toast. 


Z - Zippers

I hate zippers. 

I hate that zippers catch on the fabric.  I hate how you can pull the zipper pull up but it doesn't zip!  I just hate everything about them.


Audrey Jacobsen said...

I'm DYING laughing right now!!! I want you to do another getting to know you post. I just LOVE em SOO much! ;)

Diane Writes said...

Your post gave me a good laugh! Thanks Tami! You made me feel happy and healthy!

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