Friday, May 6, 2011

5 on Friday/Confessional

I'm combining my best/worst of the week to my confessional.  I need to get some things off my chest!

Here are the top 5 things that happened this week.

1.  Remember a few weeks ago when I told you I lost my flip video camera?  I thought it had fallen out of my purse.  Well I was wrong.  Doesn't it figure that I found it today after my husband bought me another camera for my birthday?  We went letter boxing today and it was in my letter boxing bag!  I'm happy I found it.  I'll retrieve the videos and then sell it.  Anyone interested?

2.  This weather is amazing.  I got out yesterday and mowed, weeded and planted some grass seed.  It only took me about 50 pulls to get the lawn mower started though.  I started it in the garage because I didn't want to be embarrassed!  It had been sitting there all winter long though!

3.  My husband and I celebrated out 13th anniversary.  He bought me flowers that only lasted about 36 hours.  I called the flower company and they delivered a new bouquet!  How nice is that? 

4.  I am so happy for my baby sister! 

5.  Jacob is FINALLY voted off of American Idol.  But I'm sad because Casey is gone.  I think I'm done with AI this season. 

Bottom 5

1.  I paid a duct company $75 to come to the house and find out if we had a clog.  Our dryer hasn't been drying very well so I hired them.  Note to self...check the outside vent BEFORE calling someone.  During the winter the lint had built up just under the vent.  It froze into a clump and that's what was causing the problem.  That was a hard check to write.

2.  I've been exhausted lately.  I can take a 4-5 hour nap and then still sleep through the night.  Hmmmm....

3.  Have you ever had one of those weeks that were so overwhelming that you lost track of the days?  I have been one day "behind" all week long.  Yesterday I was supposed to go and get glitter toes but I thought that it was Wed and by the time I realized it was actually Thursday it was too late to go. 

4. further explanation needed, right?

5.  I finally wore the flip flops I bought at The Walking Store and they KILL my feet.  I HATE returning items to stores. here are my confessions

I'd love to spill my guts but don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  I will just say that I am human.  I have my opinions and feelings and I will share them if asked. 

I am not sad that Bin Laden is dead.  And I will not apologize for feeling that way.  He was not a good man and is not a martyr.

I am so grateful for a good friend who I feel I can open up to and she'll help me.  I was talking to her about some stresses and she lent me a book to help.  It meant a lot to me.

I love that my doctor upped my "crazy" pills!

I don't understand why parents don't immunize their kids.  It's driving me crazy that there are new cases of measles and whooping cough reported it seems daily.

I love that I started a new chapter in my life.  I think I'll start writing about it in my other blog (A Battle Worth Winning).

Ahhh...I feel better! 


tfo98 said...

Hey, I am interested in your Flip cam.. Is it still available...

Miss Angie said...

How much are you selling it for?

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