Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting to Know Me!

Here's another episode of getting to know Tami!

Retro or Modern?  RETRO, RETRO, RETRO!!  I love filling my home up with antiques and things that remind me of the 50's!  I still have a long way to go to get my house the way I truly want it but I am working on it!  

Do you rent a storage space for stuff you can't fit at your home?  Oh heck to the NO!  If it doesn't fit it goes bye bye.  

Do you consider Donald Trump to be a serious presidential candidate?  Do pigs fly?  Will he make all of us show a long form birth certificate?  I've got mine ready just in case he asks.  I'd totally vote for him if he shaved his head!  

Would you rather be a successful movie actor of a successful movie director?  I would rather be an actor.  I think that would be so much fun.  I'd love to pretend to be someone else and get paid for it. 

White or Wheat bread?  It totally depends on what's in between.  If it's egg salad it has to go on white bread; but I prefer wheat for everything else.

Did you take extra steps to be green on Earth Day?  Sadly, no.  We recycle here at our house though.  I try to make small "green" decisions but I'm not one to go all out.

NHL or MLS?  I grew up in San Jose.  Go Sharks!  I really don't like soccer.  Don't hate me!  Actually the only soccer I like watching is 4 year old's running around trying to kick the ball.  It's so dang cute!

Which is more difficult: being a SAHM or having a full-time job away from the house?  I've done both actually.  They are both very hard in very different ways.  When I was working full-time I had a hard time balancing my time for cleaning and cooking.  So I hired a girl to come and clean the house.  Staying at home is hard because I don't get to have that social interaction that I crave so much.

Are you afraid of public speaking? Nope!  I love it in fact.

Do you press the crosswalk button more than once, just to be sure?  I sure do; when I actually use a crosswalk.  I can't remember the last time I pressed a button.  But yes, I totally will press it a lot!


Miss Angie said...

You're so cute, you crack me up! :) I like the Donald Trump bit, too funny.

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