Friday, July 29, 2011

5 on Friday

Holy moly!  It's been a doozy of a week!  I'm ready to have a quiet, peaceful week next week!  It WILL happen!

Top 5

1.  Our "baby" turned 5!  We had such a fun time celebrating this special day with family and fireworks!  Carter loves the fireworks now that aerials are legal here in Utah.  

2.  The hubs had a job interview!  It went really well and we just found out that he is moving on to the next round of interviews!

3.  My friend Heidi and I took Addison and her friend to the temple yesterday.  It was so nice to escape the pressures of the world for just a couple of hours.

4.  Tiff came over yesterday!  Oh how I've missed her.  I love that girl!  

5.  I realized how blessed I am!  I have amazing friends who want to help me get to the Netherlands.  I've also been blessed with some work.  That will help pay the deposit that is due this week!  

Bottom 5

I don't have much to say about this...I can't.  I will just say that this week has been a rough one.  

There will probably be no forgiveness in this lifetime.  Remember that saying...nothing can compensate for failure in the home.  FAIL.

My husband received a certified letter in the mail from my dad.  My father didn't even spell my husband's name correctly.

I hope next week is better.  I hope we can keep the car. 


Karina said...

I'm so sorry Tami. We went thru something similar with my in-laws, they helped us with our house when we moved back to Florida and then they took it away, we had no way of fighting it because we could not afford a lawyer and they could, so a week after Jacob was born we had to find another place. I was barely recovered from Jacob's delivery and I had to pack and move. That was not the worse of it, but I'll spare you. Just be strong and don't let this affect your children, know that your Heavenly Father is your real father and he loves you, stay strong in the gospel and count your blessings everyday.

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