Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Sorry

I have not been blessed with the gift for writing.  Sometimes a picture says it better than I could say it myself.  I have said some things about how hurt I've been over this last week.  Feelings were hurt more on each part.  I will own my mistakes.  I will own what I have done wrong.  I will ask for forgiveness.  I will keep this blog uplifting.  I am sorry.

I pray that forgiveness will come in this lifetime.  I pray that hearts will be softened.  I pray for Christ-like love towards others.  Amen.


Carter's Creations said...

Tami, I love this post. Everything is true except the part that you don't have a talent for writing. I LOVE reading your blog because you make real life sound so interesting! You have a GREAT talent for writing! Keep at it girl and good job! You are fantastic!

Patty Ann said...

Tami, you have all the talent you need. I hope next week is better for you and that you can let it all go. Sometimes it is hard to be the one that gets hurt.

Gunter of the Hill People said...

To quote one of my favorite people, "It takes a real man(or woman) to admit it when he(she) is wrong." Being strong means being able to admit mistakes and move forward.

You are truly amazing, Sweetheart. I am so proud of who you are and all the great growth I see in you.

I love you!!!

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