Sunday, July 31, 2011

Play With Your Kids in the Rain!

It rained today and do you know what that means at our house?  We go out and PLAY!!
The rule (at first) was we could only fill our cups with rain water.
Carter filled his cup first!  Guess who his victim was?
I was their favorite victim!  Look how happy she is!

That's my boy!
Dang they got me good today!

Once the rained stopped they wanted to use the hose!  I guess he turned the hose up a little too high.  That poor glass just kept shooting right out of his hands as he tried to fill it up.

I love my baby!
Even the dog got involved in all the action.

Ahhhhh...what a great stress relief.
Can it rain again tomorrow please?


Audrey Jacobsen said...

You hve no idea how big I am smiling right now (as I am hacking up a lung bc some of the pics made me laugh). THIS is what living and choosing happiness is all about!!

I just love yer guts. SO glad you aren't letting things get you down today. "Happiness is a choice within me" yay for the rain!!!!! Auds favorite. :)

Beth said...

Now THAT is great parenting. We should all play in the rain more often. I love it! :D

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