Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bucket List Revised

I had a "light bulb" moment last night.  I want to cut my hair.  I had made it a goal to grow it out and donate it to Locks of Love.  I don't want to do it anymore.  I'm miserable.  And then it hit me...a lot of what is on my bucket list are things I want to do so others will be proud of me.  
To heck with that!  How sick and wrong was that of me?  All that matters is that I'm proud of me and also that God is proud of me.

So I will now revise this list.  Yep, there will be blank spots for right now.  That's OK.  I'm a constantly changing human being and it's ok to change my mind.  It's ok to stop something if it's making me miserable.  So I'm cutting my hair this week.  I can't wait!!  

Here's my list, incomplete and all just like me.  I will be forever growing and getting better just like my list!

100 Thing I Want to do Before I kick the bucket

1.Build a Home – and make it the house of my dreams
2.TRULY become an organized person.  I am working so hard on this right now.  I have purged so much junk and garbage.  It's feeling GREAT!
3.Complete in the Dirty Dash
4.Visit Ireland
5.Go fishing in Alaska
6.Record on a CD
8.Take the kids to Disneyland
9.Own a very nice camera
10.Go back to San Jose for a visit
11.Attend a couple of musicals on Broadway
13.Complete my Personal Progress again and earn an honor bee or two
15.Eat a baguette and cheese under the Eiffel Tower
16.Read Jesus the Christ
19.Vacation in a colonial style house on the beach
20.Go to my high school 20th reunion (only 2 more years!)
21.Get a tummy tuck/Boob Job
22.Have the guts to audition for a musical
23.Attend a live football or professional
24.Open a little cafe where high school kids can come and hang out, do their homework, stay out of trouble and surf the internet in a safe environment
25.Write a book...I know exactly what I want to write about. Now I just have to go about getting it started
26.Visit the Smithsonian
27.Go skinny dipping in the ocean
28.Write my entire life story – sparing no details
29.Be on a jury for a high profile case
30.Spend the night in a haunted house
31.Go River Rafting
32.Own a canoe and use it
33.Scream in a library
34.Go to Africa and help out an orphanage
36.Visit the graves of some ancestors
37.Learn to ski again
38.Own a Jet Ski
39.Learn to play the guitar
40.Work on my family history
41.Ride in a hot air balloon
42.Ride in a helicopter
43.Go bungee jumping
44.Backpack in Yellowstone
45.Hide some Letterboxes
46.Take a train ride though Europe
47.Go on a safari
48.Go see the Olympics.  Yes, the Special Olympics count!
49.Change a life
50.Get re-married in Vegas by Elvis
51.Vacation on a house boat
52.Go to a demonstration
53.Meet in person some of the people I've met through blogs and the internet
56.Get Lasik surgery
59.Walk on the Great Wall of China
61.Attend Martis Gras.  OK maybe not Martis Gras but definitely New Orleans
62.Volunteer for the Special Olympics
63.Be remembered for good things
65.Start a book club
66.Vacation in a cabin on a lake
67.Go Geocaching
68.Visit Ground Zero
69.Visit the birthplaces of my ancestors
70.Own a moped
71.Go horse back riding
72.Learn balloon tying
75.Re-upholster a piece of furniture
77.See the Statue of Liberty
78.Vacation in a hut over the sea
79.Visit Martin's Cove
80.Have an in ground pool in our backyard.  It has to come with a cute pool boy though
81.Create my own perfume
82.Drive down the entire west coast in a convertible wearing big sunglasses and a scarf on my head
83.Perform a concert
84.Create a singing group
86.Be the ultimate sports fan for a day – face painted and everything
87.Sing the National Anthem at a Jazz game
88.Lose weight and get in shape
90.Learn how to watercolor
91.Fly on a sea plane
93.Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
94.Learn how to dance contemporary style
95.Leave a $100 tip for amazing service at a restaurant
96.Teach my kids to be self sufficient
97.Teach my kids to love others and to serve others
98.Start and run a charity for victims of crimes
99.See the good in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE
100. Help in the discovery of what causes Hirschsprung's Disease – the very rare disease that BOTH of my boys have


Beth said...

I do the SAME thing- trying to meet other people's expectations of what my life should be. Good for you for spotting that and focusing on what matters most in your life- YOU! This list is ten times more awesome, knowing that it all comes from you heart. :D

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