Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Poopy! Where's Mike Rowe?

My 4 year old has had his colostomy for 3 weeks exactly!  It hasn't been bad until he woke up with a poopy pull-up!  WHAT??  Are you kidding me?  Please tell me this is some kind of nightmare that I'll wake up from.  I have to not only change poopy bags but poopy undies too?  Where's Mike Roe when I need him?  This is definitely a dirty job!

Until you've had a kid with serious health issues you won't understand.  Poop is nothing to me.  I can talk about it anywhere to anyone.  It's hilarious now that there are some who are so grossed out by it.  Well, not this girl!  
I just hope someday I won't be obsessed about it.  I'd like to just let my kid run around and never have to worry about his pooping habits again!  Sadly, this won't happen for a long, long time!

I know what I'm going to do!  I'm taping a picture of Mike Rowe to his ostomy supplies cabinet!  Yes, that will make this MUCH easier to deal with!
 Mike - Will you come help me with this dirty job?  I didn't think so!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ha ha, you are too funny...again the attitude. I love it!

Jeff and Alyssa Hertzler said...

Until you've had a kid (or two like we do) with poop issues you can never understand the stress of having to worry constantly of your kid having an accident or needing to be changed- or mainly just being past worrying about poop and not thinking twice about it and having your kid be like every other kid. It's a weird kind of stress and I'm grateful they don't have worse health issues. But how to explain the worry that comes along with poop! The constantly having to think about it is almost worse than the clean up!:) Hang in there and know there are others of us out here having to deal with the "dirty job" too!

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