Friday, July 8, 2011

5 on Friday

Are you dying that it's Friday and I'm actually posting this on time this week?  Carter is out of the hospital and life is finally beginning to settle down a little bit.  I hope you all have had a fantastic week!

Top 5 for the week...

1.  Carter was released from the hospital last Sunday and is doing really well!  In fact, he's camping right now with the hubs, his brother, his grandpa and two uncles.  

2.  All of Carter's colostomy supplies came this week.  I got them all organized and put away last night.  

3.  My sister and her three kids came down this week!  It was so good to see them.  They LOVE their Aunt Tami!  It broke my heart today that they cried when it was time to say goodbye.  I love those guys! I also got to see my aunt that lives here!  It was so good to go and have a picnic lunch and then just hang out!

4.  I rented some good movies from Redbox this week.  I finally saw "I am number four."  That was a good movie!  Since it's so hot I just like to lay around and watch TV!  What's better than that, right?  

5.  My sister introduced me to the most amazing shampoo and conditioner EVER.  And I mean EVER!!!  Since I'm growing my hair out I haven't been getting regular trims.  My hair feels felt like straw.  We were at Cosmoprof and she told me about Awapuhi shampoo.  Holy moly what a difference it makes.  It's expensive if you buy it at a salon though.  But I promise it's worth EVERY penny spent!  If you truly want healthy hair you have got to try this stuff out!

Bottom 5...

1.  Carter hasn't behaved well at all this week!  I was talking to my aunt about it and she said that sometimes anesthesia can do that to a person.  It's happened with all of his other surgeries too.  I put him on time out and shut his door.  He re-appeared and I couldn't figure it out!  His door was still shut but there he was in the hall!  He had opened his window and climbed out!  I hope this is the only time in his life when he does that.

2.  It's stinking HOT.  I love summer nights but I hate the heat during the day.  Actually I really hate the fact that we only have a swamp cooler to try and cool the house down.  Does it work?  Well, if you consider having an 80 degree house cool then yes it does.  I don't!

3.  Must everything be thrown down the window well?  Seriously boys!  Do you really have to throw Boba's toys and my ice cream container down there?  Just sayin.

4.  I can't find my church keys.  I have searched everywhere.  I have a feeling I actually locked them in the YW closet.  Nice.

5.  Tis the season of finding half drunk soda cans and otter pop wrappers everywhere.  I hate this!  Now I know why my mom got so mad at us for leaving sticks and wrappers all over.  Sorry Mom!

I hope you all had a great week!  Thanks for reading!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I once lost my car keys and all of my church keys too...I still only have one key to start my van. I'm in trouble if that disappears!

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