Monday, August 29, 2011

Bohemian Tea Cart...I'm in Love

I stumbled upon Lady Bonin's Tea Parlour through Craft Gawker.  As soon as I saw these pictures I fell in love with everything about this.  If any picture sums up "me" it's this one.  It's eclectic, bright, fun, comfortable, inviting, homey, etc.  I want one too!  I want a roaming tea parlour!  I WILL have a roaming tea parlour just like this one!  I think I just found my life's calling!  Hehehehe!  

I also love her mission...providing a healthy alternative to coffee!
Seriously...I can't find words to describe how perfectly these pictures describe who I am!  I know I'm strange.  But these pictures make me all kinds of happy!

If you know me, you know how much I LOVE herbal teas.  I always have a stocked pantry full of herbal teas.  I love my tea pots too!
Passion Fruit & Orange?  Yes please!
I guess the "real" me is like the caravan itself...bohemian-chic with a hint of modern gypsy.  Now I need to start dressing the part!  Ok...maybe not!


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