Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ivy Girl Academy Ages 8-18

I have the amazing opportunity to be a volunteer for this event.  I attended a training this morning to learn more about the program. 

I left with tears in my eyes, literally.  This is such an inspired program.  This is a day where girls come and learn about self-cofindence, gratitude, self defense, etiquette, service, health, motherhood and personal power!  They also get a mini makeover and a photo shoot to proove to themselves just how beautiful they are!

The Ivy Girl Academy Gala is September 10, 2011 from 10-7pm in Layton, UT. 
If you have a dauther, niece or grandaughter who is between the ages of 8-18 I HIGHLY recommend this program.

I can not wait for this event.  The speakers are going to be amazing and I know that these little lives will be changed forever. 

If you don't live in Utah or can't make it otherwise would you please consider sponsering a girl to go?  This is a non-profit organization and every penny is used for the venue, food, etc.  These girls need you! 

Go to the website for more information.


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