Thursday, August 18, 2011

Love These Facebook Things!

There have been a few fun get to know you questions floating around on facebook.  I was assigned a year and an age.  I hope I'll get assigned more!  This has been fun!  Here are my answers!
My Year: 1989
I was: 14
Best Friend: Michelle and Jennifer
This was the year: I started high school.
trouble sometimes... I always got in trouble for talking in class.
...I was living in: San Jose, CA
My Favorite TV Shows: Alf, Growing Pains, The Golden Girls and Who's the Boss
When I was 21...
I lived in: San Jose, CA ALONE!! I had a little studio apartment.
I wanted to: Work, shop and hang out with my friends!
I was afraid of: Nothing I can remember! I honestly was having the time of my life!
I liked : Hanging out with my friends. Seriously, that's what my life consisted of. Work, shopping, friends and playing hooky from work to hang out at the pool!

Thanks Ashley Noe! That was a fun walk down memory lane!
 That was fun!  Want an age or a year?  Leave me a comment and I'll assign you one! 


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