Friday, August 19, 2011

5 on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you had a fantastic week!  I did!

Top 5

1.  The hubs came home from Alaska with 85 pounds of Halibut and Salmon.  Yummy!  I can not wait to get cooking.  He and his dad has a wonderful time.  I'm going next time.  I can't wait to reel in a 100 pound Halibut!
The boys!  Steve, his dad and his uncle!
 Who needs Bear Grylls around when you have the hubs?  Here he is catching a Salmon with his bare hands!
 See!  He did it!
 They boys with their catch of the day.
 We'll be eating that Salmon at some point in the near future!

 2.  I have been struggling with some family issues.  I am meeting with my Dad next week and am really nervous.  So I called my father in-law for some advice.  I'm so glad that I did.  He is such a wise, wise man.  I really am so blessed to have loving in-laws.  Thank you Dad for the advice!  I really do love you guys!

3.  I'm not sure if this should be in the top or bottom.  My tiny little 5 year old (who still wears 3T pants that are too big on him) wants to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.  I took them off a few days ago and we started learning.  When I took the garbage to the curb yesterday I noticed that his training wheels were in that can.  I asked the hubs why he did that (thinking we might need to put them back on).  He told me it was our 5 year old who put them in the can.  Oh my goodness!  

4.  I've started reading the Harry Potter series.  I was reading a book that I liked but there were some very shady parts and so I decided to stop reading that book.  That was hard because I want to know how the story ends but it's not worth it!  So since we have all of the book I am giving it a go.  I am enjoying them so much already!  What a difference a good book makes!  

5.  The hubs introduced me to the most amazing food on Earth (aside from my dear Katie's brownies).  He took me to a place called Beyond Glazed and I got a maple, bacon doughnut!  Maybe I should move this to the number 1 spot!

Bottom 5...

1.  I didn't get a call back from The Biggest Loser audition.  I'm totally fine with it.  It's not the right time in our lives for it anyway.  But on a brighter note I really wanted to buy the Biggest Loser book.  It was too expensive (having a jobless hubby) and so I didn't get it.  I was at the thrift store a couple of days ago and found it!  It was a whopping $2.  That I can do!  

2.  My 5 year old's stoma relapsed.  When I went to change his bag the stoma wasn't there!  It was completely in his belly.  We saw the surgeon that afternoon and he told me that it was ok as long as it was still working.  Yesterday when I changed his bag it was back to normal again.  Oh the joys of having a Hirschsprung kid!

3.  The hubs still hasn't had a birthday cake.  My 10 year old was putting the dishes away.  He put my glass 9x13 pan on top of something and of course it fell and broke.  I used to have 2 pans but I think I lent that to someone.  I can't remember.  So no cake YET.

4.  Our garbage man had trouble with his truck right in front of our house yesterday.  And in the process of fixing it dumped a ton of garbage on the street.  Did he bother to clean it up?  Of course not!  We did.  Or I should say the awesome hubs did.  Thanks a lot Mr. garbage man.  

5.  I still haven't tackled all the clutter in our house.  I'm making progress but this week was pretty unproductive.  I think it's because the kids are starting school on Monday and everyone is anxious and that's all we are thinking about.

Have a good week!


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